• Bettina Trejo

Can self care be easy?

With media expectations of self care being manicures, shopping, and lattes it seems vision is clouded with what the true definition of self care is. I have been thinking about ways to challange my self care routines. As I help others build a solid foundation to start their self care journey, I have taken it upon myself to revamp mine. This week I started everyday with a morning gratitude meditation, face scrub and peppermint water. All of which I did not need to take more space out of my day to complete or go buy. Self care is a way to take care of something emotionally, physically and spiritually. There are plenty of ways to care for yourself that cost little to no money and you may have in your home already. Some ways to help you each day are face washes, bath bombs, putting your phone on do not disturb, night time walk outside in a safe area, meditation, essential oils, calling a friend, or journaling. I will be documenting my different types of self care tips and tricks I complete each week! Follow along and see if anything would be helpful to add to your routine.

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Austin, Texas

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